After studying fashion design and working in fashion boutiques, Keren’s inspiration blossomed in sync with the child growing in the deep recesses of her womb. When her child saw the light of the day, Keren’s inspiration had to follow suit and give birth to her unique jewelry.

Skillfully mixing learn and self-taught techniques with her multicultural background, Keren began to create for herself. The reaction of her friends, desperately asking her to create some for them, made her realize that her dream was to share her vision through handmade jewelry. 

Thus, Eclectiker was born.

Rooted in an eclectic mix of monochromatic styles, music festivals around the world, it made sense that Eclectiker’s first clients flocked in from music production and DJs she worked with, and for whom she designed unique collections & tattoos , tuned to their style and that of their fans.

Now, as Eclectiker matured, Keren is offering her unique creations to a broader audience. Keren infuses the high-quality material she carefully selects with the wealth of her soul. Each piece she handcrafts is a unique, never to be repeated, incarnation of her profound understanding of wandering souls.

Born in Ukraine. Made in Tel-Aviv. Worn around the world.